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  • Customized for every client
  • No Pre-packaged food
  • No drugs or hormones
  • No shakes or juices
  • No joint-busting exercise
  • Everything is included
  • No monthly fees
  • Carefully Supervised


Weight loss is not one size fits all

Everybody is unique and at Skinny Utah we create a weight loss program for each client that includes realistic personal goals with specific strategies and tools to help you reach them as quickly as possible.  Every plan focuses on the nutrition, exercise and personal discipline to help every client create a new healthy lifestyle that hopefully remains long after the program ends.

We can help you achieve your goals

Our dedicated team is there every step of the way to support, motivate and hold you accountable.

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How It Works

We believe you can reach your goals by following our simple 3-Phase System

We believe that Success breeds Success, so we get every client off to a fast start.  This phase consists of a personalized meal plan to help you see noticeable results in your first few weeks.


In this phase, we help reset your weight set point so you can enjoy sustainable results. 


The final phase is all about learning healthy living habits including diet, exercise and personal discipline that will help keep your weight in control over the long term.

Start your weight loss journey today! Schedule A One-On-One Consultation

What makes Skinny Utah unique

There are no prepackaged meals, points or drugs involved.  Everything you need is included in our program, there are no monthly or recurring fees ever!  We create a simple and sensible plan for every client that gives them the best chance of reaching their weight loss goals.

  • Personalized for every client
  • Simple to follow plan
  • No prepackaged foods to buy
  • See real results
  • More than just a diet program
  • A proven approach
  • No drugs or hormones
  • All natural products
  • Carefully supervised
  • Affordably priced
  • All-inclusive program
  • Unlimited Support

A Few Of Our Success Stories

See Before & After Picture of Real Skinny Utah Clients!

Alan lost 43 pounds
Carol lost 21 pounds
Stratton Butterfield lost 43 pounds